Lounging With Olive

We chat with Olive Cooke

We sat down with one of the creatives behind our Lounge Series, Olive Cooke to talk home comforts, sourcing vintage homewares and her must-have pieces from the collection. Read on for a view into her Byron Bay life. 



With all of us spending more time at home than ever before, are there any home rituals you can share?

My evening ritual is my favourite. I like to enjoy my skin routine and then drink tea before bed, this always helps me to have a good night’s sleep and truly relax.



Your house is absolutely stunning, where do you source your interiors from, and how do you know when it’s the right piece?

I love to source vintage when it comes to interiors, it feels great to give things a second (or third or fourth) life in our home. I also love to support local designers and crafts people by purchasing from Australian businesses, or by having things custom made here.



One piece you would save if your house was falling into the ocean?

Oh this is so hard! Maybe our bed, even though I couldn't possibly pick it up or carry it (laughs).



Soundtrack to your home?

I think our home would have a soundtrack of soft puppy paws running around with our first dance song playing in the background Take Yo' Praise by Camille Yarbrough.



Tips for lounging in style ? What are your must-have wardrobe loves?

My wardrobe must-haves are most certainly a good tracksuit, soft knit jumpers and super comfy socks.



Favourite piece from the Lounge Series?

I love the Alora Cardigan, I'll be wearing this one for a long time.



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