Chelsea Morley

Founder of Tiny Disco Studios

Chelsea Morley is the girl boss doing amazing things behind Tiny Disco, the Melbourne based motion house which she founded just after the birth of her gorgeous son Art. She juggles her young family and business, all while pushing her creative vision and embracing every new opportunity that comes her way. Chelsea and her husband Stu are long time friends of steele and recently captured our August 2020 Lounge Series.

Get to know Chelsea below...



Tell us about the story of starting Tiny Disco...

I had just had my first baby and quickly realised that motherhood and the live TV job I had come from were never going to work together. I’d always loved motion and editing but never got to experiment with it in my role as a producer. I took maternity leave as an opportunity to play with this idea of being a videographer. My hubby came up with the name.

Once we landed on Tiny Disco I stayed up until 3am one night and made a logo and listed the brands I wanted to shoot with. I then asked everyone and anyone who would let me come and shoot for free. I begged my husband to let me shoot behind the scenes on his (photography) shoots and before long, that translated into people paying me to create videos.

I always knew I wanted to run my own business, I was just never sure of what shape it would take.




What is success in your eyes?

 Enjoying what you do and drawing excitement from what you do.



Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everywhere. Conversations with friends, fashion magazines, photography, film, typography, colours on a daily walk, signage and movement but most of all, people. I find people fascinating and above all the most inspiring thing on earth.



Do you have any hot tips for young women starting out in the videography industry? 

Pick up a camera and go. The 10 years I worked in TV news I never saw a woman with a camera in hand  the camera operators were all men and it was an intimidating space. I never thought of it as a valid career path for me, even though I was in the thick of production and motion. I would urge young women to experiment and trust your instinct.

You don’t need to be formally trained to be good at something. Find women you want to work with and reach out. Build relationships. Tag along, learn, be open and be kind. Most of all, create and trust what you create. But always be open to evolving. Not everyone will love your work but as long as you love it, you're onto something. We are constantly evolving as humans, our work should too.



Describe your on-set style

Jeans and oversized blazers all day, every day. And pastels, I dig pastels.


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