Honouring an Icon

Jamie Green on shooting our Les étoiles Resort ’21 campaign at the late Vogue photographer, Richard Bailey’s Sydney Home.

What an inspiration it was to shoot at the late Richard Bailey's home for our recent resort campaign. Richard was synonymous with Vogue Australia for over three decades, starting out with the magazine at just twenty-one years old. He helped launch the international careers of Australian Models such as Sarah O’Hare, Nicole Trunfio and Kristy Hinze. We were honoured to have the opportunity to shoot our High Resort ’21 Campaign at his Sydney family home and were in awe of the surrounding work and interiors on display within this historic home.


Jamie Green reflects on shooting at his idol's home, and how he will remember the great Richard Bailey.  

"Shooting at the late Richard Bailey's house felt very nostalgic for me. The day before the shoot, my assistant, Andrew and I went to do a recci at the location. At that point, I didn't know that it was his house, only that it was a 'photographer's house' from what we had read online." 


"When we got there, I asked the host, 'whose house is this?' she said, 'Well it's mine and my husband was a photogher, you might know him, Richard Bailey?' I instantly got chills..."




"'I've heard he was a very well loved man in the industry. He was known for being an advocate for Australian talent, in a time where everyone said 'Australia has no good models'."



"I admire people that push for change in the industry, and have a huge respect for their crews. Richard Bailey was one of the pioneers for change in the Australian fashion industry, I wish I had the chance to meet him."




"Walking through his house, there were collections of his photographs hanging all around the place. A black and white portrait of Eric Bana really stood out to me. It was shot on film, and the shadows were just insane, you could tell that Richard had a great connection with him."



 "Looking at his body of work, his strong connection with his subjects seems to be a common thread throughout. A photographer is more than just their camera, they are an artist drawing out moments of their subjects."



Les étoiles, High Resort '21 | Shot by Jamie Green at the late Richard Bailey's Sydney Home 


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