Love, Sweet LOVE

With Melbourne Cake Ka-ween, Alice, AKA Miss Trixie Drinks Tea.

This month, we enlisted the help of cake ka-ween, Alice Bennett (aka Miss Trixie Drinks Tea) to surprise our #steeleGIRLS with some sweet treats for Valentine's Day. Continue on to take a behind the scenes look at how we made our incredible, exclusive cake, and learn how to make your own sweet surprise for someone special to you this Valentine's.



Tell us, where did Miss Trixie all begin?

Alice: "So, Miss Trixie actually started as a blog when I was in uni... I basically wanted an excuse to eat sugar 24/7 and indulge in desserts (laughs). I started getting into cakes and cake decorating as a way of expressing my creativity... I just loved taking a blank cake and turning it into something magical. Miss Trixie was my side hustle when I worked in experiential production until Covid pinched my job. When I lost my job, I decided this was the world's way of telling me that I needed to give Miss Trixie a proper crack. And I did! It really took off when I launched a range of 'pun message cakes', and I haven't turned back since. "



What do you love most about what you do? 

"Ooh that's easy. Being able to eat sugar 24/7 with no excuses! Oh, and being my own boss... I love that part too."


An unlikely sweet pairing that is surprisingly delicious?

"Dulce de leche and raspberries... outrageous. A chef in London got me onto it and it's insanely good."



Your ideal date night starts with...

"Dinner and wine at Marion Wine Bar... ideally on a warm night so we can people watch on Gertrude St. "


Describe your style, in and out of the kitchen... 

"When I'm in the kitchen... I'm usually wearing a white tee and a really decent pair of high waisted jeans. When I'm hitting town... it's colour, colour and more colour... and a cute pair of slides! Oh, and I froth a jumpsuit!"



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