Miren Alós

The globetrotter and photographer on her favourite corners of the world, and what 'home' means to her.

We sat down with Valencia-born globetrotter and photographer, Miren Alós to chat about her favourite destinations, her new-found love for yoga, and what 'home' means to her. Read on for a glimpse into her world. 



Tell us a little about yourself...

"I’m Miren, a Spanish girl from the 90s. I'm passionate about traveling and photography. I love nature and dedicate my time to what inspires me and fills my soul."



Where is 'Home' for you?

"For me 'Home' is Valencia, in Spain. It's my hometown near the sea, where family and friends live. But thanks to having the opportunity to travel a lot and live in different places around the world, I’ve understood that 'home' is a feeling, within us, and we can build it anywhere."



What do you love most about travelling?

"The learnings. Meeting new people and exploring new cultures, and realising how that can change the way I see the world, and how it opens my mind. It is also what inspires me the most and fills my soul. It is a feeling of absolute freedom."



Where is your favourite place in the world, and why?

"I have many favourite places for many different reasons, each place I’ve seen or visited has, in some way, a place in my heart and is part of me. They’re life experiences that build my being. But if I have to choose, the Balearic Islands are one of my all-time favourites, especially Formentera. I also loved Bali and Australia, I have wonderful memories in those places where I've spent a long time, years ago. Can’t wait to visit them again."




You're passionate about yoga, what drew you to the practice?

"During the pandemic, I decided to start practicing yoga every single morning at home and it quickly became a daily routine. I experienced real changes not only on a physical level, but on a mental level, how I could feel totally in the present moment, with my mind and my body connected, just listening to myself, to my soul. And how those changes and sensations moved into my life. Yoga practice helps me to flow, slow down, be more patient and accept myself. It’s an amazing feeling."



Describe your style...

"Relaxed and comfortable and true to myself. Less is more, always."



You are at your happiest when...

"I feel calm inside myself."


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