steeleGIRL Sophia

Meet steeleGIRL Sophia Brenn

Tell us a little about yourself... 

I’m Soph, life has been a little slow lately but I’m learning that’s not a bad thing. I'm finding enjoyment in little things like fresh air, almond croissants, podcasts, friends, stalking arch digest, chatting big things & researching random subjects on Google.



What made you want to break into the fashion industry?

I have loved fashion and dressing up since I was a kid. I used to cut out my favourite shoots from magazines and blue tack them all over my wall. As a size 14 woman, being a model was something that I never thought was even an option for me, let alone given it a second thought. A few years ago, I started coming across more Instagrams of models that weren’t the standard industry size 6-8, I felt so inspired seeing these women hold space in an industry that has historically been ‘one size fits all’. This sort of planted the seed and then in 2017, I entered an online model search and then it all started from there!




On top of modelling, you're also a choreographer and dance instructor. Is dance something that has always been a part of your life? What do you love most about it? 

I've danced my whole life and love creating movement and moods with music. I’ve slowly transitioned more into modelling these days but there are so many parallels [with dance]. My favourite part of choreographing has always been the process of working with other creatives and mentoring younger students and being able to see a vision come to life on them.



I read somewhere that you love interior design. And it shows in your beautiful apartment! Tell us a little about your design process for your space...

Yes! I'm obsessed with beautiful spaces. My boyfriend and I just finished our first reno and my design process consisted of about 127 Pinterest boards and always second guessing my decisions. (laughs).

I definitely don’t have a textbook process, this is the first property we’ve ever done so it was a bit of a learning curve, but I always just go with my gut and make sure the space feels right. It has to be just as functional as it is pretty!



What is your favourite piece in your home, and why? 

My favourite piece is the floorboards  I fought so hard for them! My boyfriend wanted to play it safe because it was our first renovation but I was not about that life. They’re amazing and completely make the space. 



Three things you can't live without?

Coffee, music & sunshine 


A token of advice for your younger self...

Stop trying to change yourself for things that aren’t meant for you. 



What's next for you?

Hopefully taking the modelling international! I was meant to be heading to the UK In April, although Covid had other plans... So, for the meantime I'm just staying creative and working on some little projects! 



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