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We chat with Anastasia Yaknina

We chat with Anastasia Yaknina, the face of our Resort 19 campaign, multi talented creative and Bali dreamer. Read on for a glimpse into her beautiful life.


Where are you from & what brought you to Bali, Indonesia?

I was born in Russia, got higher education and advertising strategy work experience in London, then moved East to Shanghai to create cool events and after landed up in Portugal to bring up my baby girl by the ocean. At some point I started researching into a new generation of education for kids and discovered some wonderful schools in Bali. The island itself looked really green too. So we took that flight!

Favourite way to spend the day in Bali?

A perfect day in Bali is flowing itself. It starts at the sunrise and brings you to your morning adventures, whether it’s a healthy breakfast, beach walk, surf or a good beauty sleep.

Afternoons are hot, so siesta is generally a good idea.

Evenings are for sunset watching, self-reflection and meeting with friends. Golden hour is completely magical here, and I won’t tell you more, as you have to come and see yourself.



Favourite form of expression and why?

Modeling, photography, dancing… you have so many talents. Well these three are so closely interconnected for me! Photography is a way to portray movement, to create an image that can move in the viewer’s imagination. Dancing is a way to become movement myself, to be united in the body and mind, with the music, here and now. Modeling is about knowing my face and body perfectly and being able to create a story with them. I only started working a lot as a model after 21, when I learnt who I was and how my face was functioning.



Where do you love to travel?

I love Asia for its beautiful chaos, genuine smiles and sweetest fruits, for its simplicity and diversity of living. I love Europe for its traditions, culture and fashion. I adore how geographically close the countries are over there, sharing some great things with each other, as it only takes a couple of hours drive to cross the border sometimes. I love all the places I haven’t visited yet for the experiences and good ideas that are still ahead. I’m planning to travel to Cape Town and Israel soon, totally thrilled to go there!

Which steele. dress will you pack on your next vacation?

I’m definitely taking the Belle Dress in my favourite Blush Spot colour, as it’s so diverse and can easily be worn throughout the day and evening. It’s instantly pampering and I love it’s vintage shape so much.



What is beauty to you?

Beauty is a point of view. It’s an embodied idea - a complete unity of the inner and outer. Beauty is strong and fragile. Timeless and fleeting. It’s you, in your purest state of mind. Beauty is honest. It’s just as it is.

When do you feel the most empowered?

I feel good when my friends are close and we can create together. When I can concentrate and listen to my real voice, be whoever I am at this moment. Empowerment is within ourselves, we all are great sources of strength and joy. Just need to stay curious and keep discovering. There’s so much more!




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